Scorpyd Aculeus Crossbow Kit

jeremy w.
Received my Aculeus kit today and am super happy with the results. It took me 3 hours to unpack it, mount the XB30 scope, site it in with field points and broad heads. First of all let me say the personable service I received was second to none and David will go out of his way to accommodate. He substituted out a thing or 2 I didn't need and added others. The details on the scorpyd and workmanship are very nice and significantly improved over my slp165. The toughest thing about this is finding a target that will hold your bolts. You must use arrow lube or it will be there permanently. I shot field points into a 400fps Mckensie bag and one is still there. The closest I shot broad heads was 30 yards at a rinehart 18-1 and it was sticking out the back. There was no change from field points to broad heads other than about a half inch low telling me the bow was very well in tune. Vibration free at the shot and no annoying buzzing. I am shooting the black eagle executioners with a 125 grain tip at 420fps. I only shot broad heads 4 times and all hit the 1.5 inch bull. 1@30, 1@40, 2@50. This is the best price around on a quality kit. I will stack this up against any bow any make. Shoot them through a crony and the proof is in the numbers with superior accuracy. Ill try to update this review after I put a little more use on this bow....

Ravin R15 Crossbow Ultimate Package

roger h.
this bow is sick 60 yard bulls like nothing lightning quick,

Wyvern Custom Solution LS 390 Arrows

jim t.
I have shot these for past three years ,and they are top notch .I have taken 5 Michigan whitetails, and these are one tough arrow. They group great, and fly true. I will be buying another 6 just so I have same arrows for years....

Scorpyd Deathstalker Custom Kit

Michel G.
It is my third Scorpyd Crossbow (RDT 165, Ventilator
150 and now Deathstalker 130) bought from Wyverncreations. The Deathstalker as well balanced, well builded and it have same accuracy up to 50 yards than my others Scorpyd. Little slower (380 FPS with custom 380 gr 19 inch arrow), but It is more compact, more light, more easy to cock, more quiet and have an exceptionnal quality trigger. As usual, customer service was very good.
Michel, Québec (Canada)...

DrStirrup Matrix Crossbow Stirrup

Stephen W.
I have the entire kit on both of my Matrix (380 & 405) Xbows. Generally, I like clean and simple. Originally I put virtually every accessory on my Matrix xbows. But I slowly removed virtually all accessories, preferring lean and clean. Only the TT trigger and Optimizer remained. I somewhat reluctantly added the entire Dr Stirrup accessories. The cocking is easier by using my 2 legs verses my arms and shoulders, the built in stand which also can serve as a shooting rest, it's quietness verses the factory "tuning fork", the limb silencers help w/o speed loss, the cocking rope is such an improvement over the factory rope and , WOW, the string bumpers! They are so much quieter ; and, I expect, reduce limb stress considerably.
Gaston is a great engineer who has designed and produced a superior product.
As a pilot/mechanic, I believe that there are 2 types of light 2-4 place airplanes: those with Powerflow and those that need Powerflow. The same can be said for Excalibur Xbows: those that have Dr Stirrup accessories and those than need them.
Stephen White...

Horton Vortec RDX

Robert T.
This thing is amazing! Just buy it! Wyvern has the best deal anywhere with the extras they throw in...

$849.95  $749.95
Save: 12% off