Tims Goat Tuff Glue 1oz Container


1oz Container

Facts about GOAT TUFF Glues:
GOAT TUFF GLUES are the purest, strongest, fastest setting and easiest to work with on the market today. In addition to being the best glues for arrow making projects they have a wide variety of other uses around the house, yard and shop. When the need for the strongest glue arises, GOAT TUFF will come through. 

  • Cyanoacrylate glue is engineered to cure quickly when applied using a very thin glue line.
  • GOAT TUFF Glues are the strongest, fastest drying glues on the market.
  • Use glue sparingly. Less is better.
  • GOAT TUFF glues contain no solvents and are nonflammable.
  • Will bond a broad range of materials including plastics, rubber, leather, metal, wood and more.
  • To guarantee the maximum performance characteristics of the glue, parts to be glued should be clean and free of all contamination. 
  • Unlike many commercial types of glue, GOAT TUFF cyanoacrylate glues have a shelf life of two years.
  • For maximum shelf life of unopened bottles store glue in a cool dry place (55 to 72 degrees) and out of direct sunlight.
  • After bottle has been opened always store in an upright position, do NOT refrigerate.
  • To prevent glue contamination do not mix glues, or pour new glue into used glue bottles.
  • Some recommendations when using GOAT TUFF Glue:

  • Cap may be left off between applying a bead of glue from one vane to the next. However always clean tip and reseal bottle when finished.

  • If working for long stretches of time use clean paper towel to wipe the tip of bottle clean (hourly) or when you recognize a build-up of glue. This glue should be easy to remove.

  • When finished fletching set bottle of glue upright, allow glue to wick down into bottle. Allow 2-3 minutes for this to take place. 

  • If there is a bubble of glue in the long narrow tip squeeze the bottle a little to force air out the tip. This will allow all the glue to drain back into the bottle.

  • With a clean paper towel wipe the long narrow tip removing any glue that has accumulated.

    NOTE: Approximate arrows fletched per bottle - 7 gram. (7 doz) .5 oz, (15 doz) 1 oz. (30 doz) 2 oz. (60 doz)
    • Model: Tims Goat Tuff Glue 1oz Contain
    • Manufactured by: TIms Goat Tuff

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