Swhacker Broadheads


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This unique blade design provides you with two separate cutting edges. First edge or the wing blade cuts the hide and first set of ribs. Second edge or main blade still has a virgin edge when it opens in the body cavity, leaving a Razor edge cutting through the internal organs. Angled shots are no problem, the tip of heads enters the animal well before the wing blades impact, that eliminates deflections. Features: .032 thick Stainless Steel, German-made blades, point: hardened high carbon steel and anodized aircraft aluminum ferrules. 100 grain has a 2" cutting diameter, 125 grain has a 2 1/4 cutting diameter. 3 per pack.  These fly JUST like a field point and will not open off the shelf even on the fastest crossbows.

  • Model: Swhacker Broadheads
  • Manufactured by: Swhacker

Matthew Church
5 of 5 Stars
8-06-11 I went hunting for wild boar with my crossbow and Swhacker broadheads. I shot a nice sow at 23 yards. The Swhacker cut through ribs on the way in and cut 2 ribs nearly in half on the way out. The pig bled everywhere and dropped within 50 yards. What a nasty cut.
Matthew Church
5 of 5 Stars
I recently went wild pig hunting on the central coast of Calfornia. I used a 100 grain Swhacker that I purchased from David. At 23 yards I spined the pig with my crossbow and he dropped in his tracks. He never got back up. I went over to him and put another Swhacker through him to finish him off. The Swhacker held up really well considering where I hit him. I am absolutely convinced that these broadheads will not let me down.
Matthew Church
5 of 5 Stars
05/08/10 I went Bison hunting in Central California with my newly purchased Tenpoint Phantom. I also used the Swhacker broadheads I purched form Wyvern Creations. At 40 yards the combo blew through a Bison cow and also killed a Bison bull standing behind her. That was not on purpose. My poor wallet. The Swhacker is still in nearly perfect condition. This head is the real deal.

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