Crossbow FAQs: Buying a New Crossbow

Buying a New Crossbow FAQs

So, you already love hunting with a crossbow and you’re in the market for something that will be special to you? Our goal is always to create a personalized buying experience that evaluates your wants and needs. We not only carry the best bows in the industry but are also actively involved in new bow development, so we know all the juicy insights on what to consider for the newest bow in your collection. Read the FAQs below with our expert opinions on buying and customizing crossbows to be perfect for you. If you want to get into more detail about the newest and coolest bows we’ve got our eyes on, contact us here!

What is the "Best Crossbow?"

There isn’t one…well, there isn’t one specific one that is better than all the others. Each crossbow has its own features: speed, weight, size, etc… All of these features need to be figured into what YOU want for a bow. A bow that is too wide for your ground blind for example is going to limit your field of fire. A bow that is very heavy may be very accurate but is not going to be much fun to hike miles into the woods for Elk. The “best bow for you” may not be the “best bow” for the next guy. That’s why we sell so many different ones. So figure out what you need and we can help you find your “best bow”.

Here are a few of our favorite crossbows;

How Do I Make My Crossbow Quiet? 

Honestly?  Don't pull the trigger. Crossbows are loud...all of them are. Some are quieter than others and there are dampening systems that are either factory-installed or available separately that will help with noise and vibration but nothing will make a crossbow "quiet." The trick is to use dampeners that don't hurt speed. If you lose speed for a slight noise reduction it's generally not a good tradeoff.

What's The Fastest Crossbow on the Market? 

Speed is constantly creeping up…the 500 fps barrier has been broken and you will continue to see faster and faster crossbows.  The issue is one of legality, at some point they will be fast enough that they may be re-classed as firearms.  The other thing is speed will never compensate for accuracy.  A fast miss is still a miss and having the arrow come out the other side of the deer faster does not make it anymore dead.

What is the Most Accurate Crossbow? 

In most instances, the bow fits you best. The best bow in the world is not going to be accurate if you are not comfortable shouldering it. Generally, the higher-end bows will be more accurate than the mid to lower-end ones but once you get a good quality bow, fit and comfort will be the big determining factor.

Newest Crossbow on the Market? 

New crossbows are generally introduced at the big trade shows in January.  Sometimes we see early releases.  Keep an eye on our website or our Facebook page as we announce new products as we get information on them and there is always something new out there.

Best Excalibur Crossbow? 

Depends on what you want in a bow. Excalibur, like most quality brands, puts the same effort into their entry-level bows as they do their high-end ones…ultimately you can’t go wrong with an Excalibur if you want a simple, reliable bow. 

  1. Excalibur Twinstrike Crossbow
  2. Excalibur Assassin 420TD
  3. Excalibur Micro Assassin 400TD
  4. Excalibur Suppressor 400TD
  5. Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 440

What is the Most Compact Crossbow? 

At this point, there are a few only slightly wider than the rail and as far as length is concerned there are some getting short enough that they are not legal in some states to hunt with….you can find several ultra-compact bows from the higher end brands such as TenPoint and Ravin among others.