Crossbow Scopes

Looking down the sight at your target, the slightest centimeter can make you miss the mark. At Wyvern Creations, we make sure that you have the best selection of Crossbow Scopes on the market. We don’t let our hunters trek out into the woods with mediocre equipment that will ultimately make them miss the perfect shot.

Introducing 2021 Crossbow Scopes

The scopes we’re bringing to our customers this year are unlike any we’ve featured on the site before!

The EVO-X Marksman Elite Crossbow Scope

The brightest and most accurate variable speed crossbow scope on the market. Manufactured by TenPoint Crossbows, this scope is fully calibrated in 10-yard increments between 20 & 60 yards. Waterproof and fog-proof are a few features that are underrated about this scope. Truly one of the best scopes that you can attach to your crossbow for the hunting season.

Halo Hyper X Laser Rangefinding Scope

Check out this integrated laser rangefinder placed directly into an optic. Halo Optics has set the bar pretty high for the next generation of optics. Ranging, aiming, and firing at a target has never seemed too simple! Reduction of error and increasing the odds that you leave your hunting trip with a trophy! The Hyper X has an easy-to-read illuminated readout and the ability to toggle reticle modes between crosshairs and dot.

Continuing to Offer Top of the Line Crossbow Scopes

While we have the new and latest crossbow scopes on the market. We also have a wide variety of scopes from some of the biggest names in the crossbow industry; Hawke Optics, TenPoint Crossbow Scopes, HHA Optimizer Scopes & Accessories, HALO Optics, and more. Check out the Hawke XB30 Compact, Excalibur TACT-100, Burris Oracle X, and so much more! If you don’t see the crossbow scope that you’re looking for please CONTACT US!