DrStirrup Matrix Crossbow Stirrup


DrStirrup for Excalibur Matrix series and older models.


Does not work with Matrix 405 Bulldog, Take Down models or Grizzly.


Handle your crossbow more easily thanks to the DrStirrup: a light, strong and versatile stirrup. The 2 in 1 stirrup can be added to most Excalibur crossbows, including previous generations with large limbs (does not fit on models made of polymer barrel). It is the first and only major innovation over the last 1,000 years that favors safety when using a crossbow. As incredible as it may seem, every other crossbow stirrup is based on a similar design to the one used in the Middle Ages!


Eliminates risk of foot injury

Major noise reduction

Requires less effort when cocking

Unique design broadhead guard

  • Model: DrStirrup Matri Crossbow Stirrup
  • Manufactured by: DrStrirrup

Stephen W.
5 of 5 Stars
I have the entire kit on both of my Matrix (380 & 405) Xbows. Generally, I like clean and simple. Originally I put virtually every accessory on my Matrix xbows. But I slowly removed virtually all accessories, preferring lean and clean. Only the TT trigger and Optimizer remained. I somewhat reluctantly added the entire Dr Stirrup accessories. The cocking is easier by using my 2 legs verses my arms and shoulders, the built in stand which also can serve as a shooting rest, it's quietness verses the factory "tuning fork", the limb silencers help w/o speed loss, the cocking rope is such an improvement over the factory rope and , WOW, the string bumpers! They are so much quieter ; and, I expect, reduce limb stress considerably. Gaston is a great engineer who has designed and produced a superior product. As a pilot/mechanic, I believe that there are 2 types of light 2-4 place airplanes: those with Powerflow and those that need Powerflow. The same can be said for Excalibur Xb

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