Trigger Tech Single Stage Excalibur Trigger


 Let's face it..Excal triggers are pretty much just "OK". Want to take your bow to the next level?? Pop in one of these high-performance frictionless triggers and see how much better your bow shoots!!!

Unlike Trigger Tech's high-end two-stage trigger that allows you to pre-load before shooting, our single stage trigger is set at the wall and ready to shoot. But, don’t let the lower cost fool you, as their single stage trigger still uses their patent pending roller action to achieve the predictable, smooth and clean frictionless release at 2.25lbs. This trigger is perfect for those looking for a simplified, quick and affordable upgrade over their factory trigger.

Due to the different action of Trigger Tech's single-stage trigger, it is not nearly as responsive to draw weight and so will maintain a 2.25lbs release within a few ounces no matter the model of your Excalibur. This is why we only offer one single stage trigger as opposed to our two-stage premium model triggers.

The Vortex, Ibex, and Equinox has some issues with the trigger lever hitting the stock. You can either grind the stock or replace the lever with a new one which can be found HERE


  • Model: Trigger Tech Trigger
  • Manufactured by: TriggerTech Triggers

Mike Davis
5 of 5 Stars
I'll go with five stars, easy to install and after getting home this evening I was able to get out and run a few bolts through. Trigger was everything everybody said it was. Defnately crisp and clean. Read on a rifle forum that one should re zero with the new trigger or trigger work. Might give this a try and see but I'll tell you that it was an instant improvement. Dave takes great care of me and my two excalburs. Will continue doing business with Wyvern. Great job Dave. thank you.

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