What’s The “Best Crossbow”?

There isn’t one…well, there isn’t one specific one that is better than all the others.  Each crossbow has its own features: speed, weight, size, etc…  All of these features need to be figured into what YOU want for a bow.  A bow that is too wide for your ground blind for example is going to limit your field of fire.  A bow that is very heavy may be very accurate but is not going to be much fun to hike miles into the woods for Elk. The “best bow for you” may not be the “best bow” for the next guy.  That’s why we sell so many different ones.  So figure out what you need and we can help you find your “best bow”.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Order?

We generally ship within 24hrs on in-stock items.  We are on the East Coast so we are anywhere from 1-7 days from the whole Country depending on where you are, so allow for some time for your order to get to you but we will do everything we can to get it on its way as fast as possible.

Do You Charge Sales Tax?

Nope, we are in New Hampshire which is a state that does not have sales tax.  That and we can’t have the FedEx guy collect it so the price you see is the price you pay…no 7% surprises added on top of your bill.

Mechanical or Fixed Broadheads?

Depends on the bow and what you are looking for.  Mechanical heads tend to fly very close to field points and leave big holes in animals.  They do however take energy to open and don't penetrate quite as well as fixed heads as with those big blades your whacking more bone. Fixed heads are simple and have great penetration but don’t leave as big a hole and the faster the bow the harder they are to get to fly as well or similar to field points so more tuning may be involved.  Generally, we will recommend mechanicals on faster bows and fixed on slower bows.  Most of the mid-speed bows you can use either with great results.

Do You Have a Retail Storefront?

Not really.  We are currently a home based business (looking to change that soon!!).  Though we have a huge on-hand inventory it's not set up like a “retail store” as we primarily ship the majority of orders out all over the world.  We can, however, service local customers and are happy to help you with whatever you are interested in. Just give us a call and we can set up a time for you to come over and we can get you set.

Can I Pick My Order Up at Your Location?

Sure! No problem helping local customers! However, since we are geared to mail order we request you call and we can set up a time for you to come by so we can take the time to properly serve you and not be tripping over ourselves trying to get boxes out the door. Our address is 235 North River Road, Lee, New Hampshire 03861

Are You an Authorized Dealer for the Brands You Sell?

You bet!!  We are one of the largest crossbow dealers in the Country and are direct with all the brands we sell. The manufacturers know us very well and you are fully covered by their warranties when you buy from us.

What Happens if I Need Warranty Work?

Depends on the bow and what the issue may be.  Since we only sell the highest quality bows we don’t see the warranty issues that most places do.  That being said crap happens now and then and it has to be dealt with.  Some manufacturers will require the crossbow or product be sent directly to them to have problems dealt with.  Others will have us take care of the issues in-house. Check your warranty information included with your product to see what the manufacturer needs you to do. Either way, give us a call and keep us in the loop.  Sometimes we can help to expedite service or get things taken care of for you better if we are involved.  We are your advocate to the manufacturers so let us help where we can. 

Recurve or Compound Crossbow?

Recurve Crossbows are simple and light.  Those are the 2 big selling points.  No bow press needed and no timing or complex tuning to deal with.  They are by comparison to compound crossbows harder to cock, louder, and can be higher priced than many compound crossbows in the same speed range.  Compound crossbows are generally narrower (some by quite a bit) quieter (relatively, all crossbows are somewhat loud) and much easier to cock.  Entry level compound crossbows can be a lot less money than entry level recurve crossbows.  They are however heavier and require bow presses to work on and do require tuning during string and cable changes.  It’s a trade-off as to what kind of bow will work best for you.

Can you do Custom Crossbow Packages? 

On most of the bows, we sell we can tweak the packages to suit your needs to some extent at the very least.  Some are easier to play games with the components than others.  Generally yes, we can make a custom kit just the way you want it.

"I Just Need a Bare Bow with Nothing Else, Can You Sell it That Way?"

Many of them we can do that but it's not always cost-effective to do so.  The issue is what do we do with the parts we take off. The manufacturers will not take the parts back so we have to re-sell them on their own. Say you are looking for a specific bow and you don’t want the scope.  The scope may have no retail value if it’s a very basic scope.  In that case, we can't do much with it. Others may have some ability to be sold retail but as “take off” scopes they are not able to be sold at the full price so again they tend to lose their value.  A lot of times we can do something but sometimes it simply better for you to buy the kit and sell the parts you don’t want privately..you will get more money for them that way.  It will depend on the bow and the parts you don’t want.

"Why Do You Throw in Extra Stuff Free Rather Than Sell the Bow for Less Money?"

Because of the contracts we have with the manufacturers.  Most of them require us to sell for what they tell us to.  So, rather than lower the price and lose our dealerships we add stuff in free to “fluff the package” and add value. Generally, when you look at the prices of the parts we include free we are one of the best deals around.

Why don’t you sell some of the $299 crossbow kits?

Well, generally they tend to be problematic and not as reliable as the better quality crossbows on the market.  They are also invariably made in China.  Nothing against Chinese crossbows but if we can sell higher quality crossbows for a few dollars more, know we are selling reliability and good performance and keep a few American workers employed we would rather do that.  Take a look at some of the bows we offer.  For just a bit more than these big box store bows, you can get something worth owning that is made in the U.S.A.

How do I make my crossbow quiet?

Honestly?  Don't pull the trigger.  Crossbows are loud...all of them are.  Some are quieter than others and there are dampening systems that are either factory installed or available separately that will help with noise and vibration but nothing will make a crossbow "quiet".  The trick is to use dampeners that don't hurt speed.  If you lose speed for a slight noise reduction it's generally not a good tradeoff.