HHA Optimizer Speed Dial


This is cool!  HHA Sports developed and adjustable scope mount specifically for crossbows that allows you to use any single crosshair or single red dot scope and still adjust for different impact points out to 80yrds.  This kit includes pre-calibrated tapes to compensate for bows from 260 to 410 FPS.

Simply install the unit onto your bow and mount your scope.  Set the dial to zero on the factory installed calibration tape and sight in your scope at 20yrds.  Move back to 60yrds and adjust the dial to bring your arrow onto bullseye and read the number on the dial.

This corresponds to a pre-calibrated tape included with the kit that you tape to the wheel and you are now dead on from 20-80 Yards with no more scope adjustment!  Simply range your target, turn the wheel to the range and your crosshair is dead on.

This high quality piece is not "loose" or "wobbly" like other adjustable scope mounts. 

Fits right hand shooters only

•Made in the USA
•100% Lifetime Warranty.
•CNC Machined aluminum construction
•Designed for bowhunters and tournament shooters
•Lightweight durability.  Rock solid mount weighs just 7 oz.
•Simple, 2 bolt installation.
•Patented R.D.S. (Range, Dial, Shoot) Tape Technology offers TO THE YARD accuracy from 20 to 80 yards.
•Includes 48 preprinted, color coded yardage tapes to fit most of today’s high performance crossbows.
•Eliminates guessing, gapping, mil dots and holdover. SIMPLY RANGE, DIAL AND SHOOT

  • Model: OL-SD
  • Manufactured by: HHA Sports

Milan Vresk
5 of 5 Stars
I got this speed dial for my strykeforce, now i am using it on my StrykeZone380. This thing is very awsome - using it with your favourite scope. With this thing you are "dead - on" up to 80yds with 1yd increasement. It's very compact and reliable! Maybe i'll get it for my Vortex as well :)

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