Hawke Optics

Hawke Optics Crossbow Scopes

You can’t hit what you can’t see. Hawke Optics Crossbow Scopes are one of the best scope brands on the market. You can’t go wrong with any of these scopes that we have in stock. From the Hawke XB1 to the Hawke XB30 Compact to the Hawke XB30 PRO we have a scope that fits your needs. Don’t forget your Hawke Match Mounts Scope Rings when you’re purchasing a scope! 

Hawke XB30 Compact Crossbow Scopes

Among our most popular scopes, we have both XB30 Compacts; 1.5-6x36 SR and 2-8x36 SR. Hawke Optics has created these scopes to not only have an innovative reticle that measures up to 100 yards, but these scopes also have a Wide Angle system that gives shooters the best view possible while aiming down sight. Feel confident when looking through the scope knowing that these compact scopes allow you to calibrate precise impact points out to 100 yards on bows up to 450 FPS. Featuring a 36mm objective lens, 30mm tubes, 14 layers of anti-reflection full multi-coatings, and ½ MOA impact point correction these are the workhorses of the Hawke line. 

Hawke XB1 Crossbow Scopes

Hunters who are looking for the best accuracy and easiest to use, the best scope we have to offer from Hawke Optics is the XB1 Crossbow Scope. Hawke Optics designed this on the modest side to ensure that it keeps the low-weight profile. If you’re a hunter who prefers to hunt in at dawn and dusk, this scope is perfect for you! With the boosted low-light performance and maximizing light transmission. To highlight some specs of this crossbow scope; 1” mono-tube chassis, nitrogen purged, 32mm objective lens, and 11-layer anti-reflection multi-coated optics.

We carry the entire Hawke Optics Line.  If you need something not listed contact us...we can get it for you!!!!