Hawke XB1 1.5-5 X 32 SR Scope


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Basically a Hawke SR scope with the XB 30 crosshair design that has an adjustable magnification to get exact 20,30,40, etc..yardages for crossbows from 275-425fps!!  Illuminated retical means precise low-light hunting accuracy.  Rings not included.

  • Model: Hawke XB1 1.5-5 X 32 SR Scope
  • Manufactured by: Hawke Scopes

Robert B.
4 of 5 Stars
I bought this for my Wicked Ridge because I wanted a reasonably priced nitrogen-filled fogproof/waterproof scope. Of the Ten Point scopes only the Evo-X Marksman Ten Point scope is nitrogen filled, the other Ten Point scopes supplied with the base crossbow packages or at upgrades are not. I checked with Ten Point about that to be sure. The scope is not very clear on the outer 1/3, but for deer hunting at crossbow ranges I really don't notice that at all. Light gathering capability is excellent. On a cloudy day under heavy tree cover 15 minutes after sunset the image is noticeably brighter than what I can see with my naked eye. Some folks on other review forums have complained about the lighted reticle washing out the image. That is true at low light with the brighter rheostat settings, but turning down the rheostat as the light dims takes care of the problem. I get a bit a flare with the green at the lowest rheostat setting, but switching to red takes care of that. Overall an exce
Mike Gardiner
5 of 5 Stars
I got this in the mail today and I put it on my Matrix 355 and wow what an amazing scope.

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