Hawke XB-30 PRO SR Scope


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Generally considered to be the gold standard in crossbow optics.

Incredible light transmission and outstanding image quality even when light starts to drop at dawn or dusk.

Hawke Sport Optics established the XB30 as the premier crossbow scope on the market in 2010. Recent upgrades ensure that Hawke maintains its status as the industry leader in crossbow optics. The same vari-speed technology that has made Hawke the leading provider of crossbow optics and reticle design is upgraded in the latest XB30, allowing for calibration on bows up to 450 fps, faster than any crossbow on the market.

Once sighted in at 20 yards, the variable power magnification system, functioning as a speed ring, can be used to calibrate the scope to the speed of the bow to provide even 10 yard aim points out to 100 yards. The 30mm optical system is encased in a 30mm mono-tube chassis to ensure durable performance for years to come.

The illumination package has also been upgraded. Rather than a traditional step-click switch, the new XB30 from Hawke uses a stepless rheostat, providing near endless adjustability to maximize reticle visibility in almost any ambient light condition.

As with all Hawke scopes the lenses are fully multi-coated for the best possible light transmission and management. Waterproof, shockproof, and nitrogen purged to be fog proof; the XB30 is covered by the transferable Hawke® Worldwide Warranty. Additionally, the XB30 IR reticle is supported by the free Hawke BRC program. Supported by your true ballistic information, the BRC allows you blueprint your projectile to any Hawke multiple aim point reticle.

Scope does not come with rings.  30 mm rings are needed to complete the installation.



  • Model: Hawke XB-30 PRO SR
  • Manufactured by: Hawke Scopes

Robert B.
5 of 5 Stars
Just upgraded from XB1, which a was fuzzy around the edges, to the XB-30 Pro. The XB30 Pro optics are very clear and bright and the reticle is easy to use - overall a plus my aging eyes. It has aluminum snap caps, which are very tight fitting and hence are considered to be an upgrade. However, on the downside the tight fit means they can't be easily opened with a quick flick of the finger. I would actually prefer the basic slip-on rubber & plastic caps, but have not downgraded my rating of the scope because it is the optics and not the cap style that matter most to me. As always Wyvern has good pricing, quick delivery, and helpful customer service.

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