SpyderWeb ST18 HD XL
[SpyderWeb ST18 HD XL]

Thomas A.
When I bought my TenPoint Vapor RS470 this target was part of the package. OMG it is awesome. The Vapor shoots at 470 FPS and it stops the arrow with ease and removal of the arrow is so easy. Virtually just slides right out. The David and all the other people from Wyvern are great and I would highly recommend them for all your crossbow hunting needs.

Vincent M.
My bow shoots at 440 FPS and this target stops arrows just fine, and the bolt is easy to pull out, and it will take thousands and thousands of shots before this target is worn out.

Vincent M.
This target is the best I have ever had. My Xbow shoots 440FPS and even at 20 yards you can easily pull the bolts out, without using any arrow lube type products. Wyvern staff recommended this product to me, and I am very happy with their customer service, and knowledge of their products. I will be back.

Stephen White
I agree totally. A Spyderweb and a Rhinehart are the best I've found for field points and broadheads respectively.

Ray Moulton
In the last 35 years I've had more targets than I can count. This SpyderWeb target by far is the best one you can buy. It will stop any arrow out of any bow with a field tip. Not made for broadheads but Rhinehart makes one they guaranty will last a year or they will replace it for free.

Stephen Mankus
Excellent xbow target. I shot my Invader HP with 100gr field points's and only went 4 inches into the target. The arrow removed without any resistance.