Swhacker Broadheads
[Swhacker Broadheads]


Matthew Church
8-06-11 I went hunting for wild boar with my crossbow and Swhacker broadheads. I shot a nice sow at 23 yards. The Swhacker cut through ribs on the way in and cut 2 ribs nearly in half on the way out. The pig bled everywhere and dropped within 50 yards. What a nasty cut.

Matthew Church
I recently went wild pig hunting on the central coast of Calfornia. I used a 100 grain Swhacker that I purchased from David. At 23 yards I spined the pig with my crossbow and he dropped in his tracks. He never got back up. I went over to him and put another Swhacker through him to finish him off. The Swhacker held up really well considering where I hit him. I am absolutely convinced that these broadheads will not let me down.

Matthew Church
05/08/10 I went Bison hunting in Central California with my newly purchased Tenpoint Phantom. I also used the Swhacker broadheads I purched form Wyvern Creations. At 40 yards the combo blew through a Bison cow and also killed a Bison bull standing behind her. That was not on purpose. My poor wallet. The Swhacker is still in nearly perfect condition. This head is the real deal.

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