NAP Killzone Crossbow Broadheads
[NAP Killzone Crossbow Broadheads]

Mark H.
I’ve used mechanical broadheads from other manufacturers and they all have massive entry exit holes and a short blood trail that ends at a dead deer. What impresses me most about the Killzone is that it’s been the only mechanical broadhead that I’ve been able to reuse without having to replace the blades-twice! It flies as accurate as a target point, crushed both front legs with a double-lung/ heart shot pass through. The third deer was another pass through the chest and hit a rock which bent a blade. It’s true that the blades hold together in the quiver unlike other mechanicals that don’t have a rubber band or other ring to hold the blades. I shoot these with my Tenpoint Stealth NXT and feel confident that these will penetrate/shatter any bone that gets between it and the exit hole!

Matthew Church
I had been curious about these for some time. These heads fly amazingly well out of my Excalibur 405 Matrix Mega. They are super accurate and I have had zero premature deployment issues. They come with practice blades and they fly spot on with the real heads. I have tested these out to 60 yards and am super impressed.