Excalibur Charger EXT Crank
[Excalibur Charger EXT Crank]

Stephen W.
This crank is a step up from the C-2. I got the first one from David since I was on the waiting list about a year before they came out. To me, it’s very good but not perfect. Currently have it on my BD400, sometimes. Pros: quiet, auto retract string, geared reduction is helpful for those with diminished strength, just nice for the rest of us, removable handle, easy to attach, just feels quality, will serve most people better than the C-2. Cons: heavy, Previously , I stated that I can’t can’t shoot the xbow with the Charger left on but can with the C-2 (I shoot a lot!). However, with a slight scope adjustment, for the better, I can now leave the Charger on the xbow while shooting. The C-2 is now in in the drawer. This is virtually perfect for the BDs/Micros/Suppressor . I’d buy it again. Again, it requires much less strength to us than the C-2. In every aspect, this is a step up from the C-2.
Steve White