Scorpyd Nemesis 480
[Scorpyd Nemesis]


I have to say this and I don't care what anyone thinks, THE Scorpyd Nemesis is in a class of its own. It's not for the weary or impatient or someone who wants a luxury bow that never needs any attention but maybe a little wax to the string here and there. I've been shooting my Nemesis for almost a year now and I LOVE it ! It keeps me involved, it's a sports car of a Crossbow that I get to constantly spend time with. I have not had a boring minute shooting this bow ! I love how I get to tame it. It's like a wild Mustang that constantly kicks and bucks ! I've heard people complaining about the center serving wearing out after a few 100 shots but they aren't realizing how much power the have in their possession and treat it like it's just another crossbow. Its not ! Its a beast !! Scorpyd hit the nail on the head ! All high powered crossbows need extra attention in some area. It's just that they were unheard of up until now. You just need to learn how to maintain them....
If your considering this purchase I say go for it ! I'm glad I did and I'm not dissapointed.... it's like shooting a laser beem with this bow ! It is the most accurate bow I ever shot and the most powerful, of course, what else would you expect from Scorpyd ? The fastest crossbow on the planet ? Yes !!!
Date Added: 03/20/2020 by Martin M.

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