Wyvernized SUB-1 XR Package
[Wyvernized SUB-1 XR]


Hawke XB30 is a sweet scope and easy to dial in. The Dragon Claw bolts fly true and are accurate. Shoots about 385 fps with the heavier arrow and penetrates a little deeper than the Mission 19" Bolts. The trigger is smooth allowing you to hit a US quarter at 40 yards. I suggest you purchase a good tripod to shoot this precision crossbow and recommend the DeathGrip Tripod from BOG. The upgraded scope, extra bolts', and NAP broad heads make this a better value than the others sites I've looked at. I do wish they put in a good camo cap in with the box of goodies. The Wyvern Creations logo is cool and could be added to a camo hat design. Shipping was done by Fedex and arrived in 4 days of order.
Date Added: 06/06/2020 by Gerald F.

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