DrStirrup Matrix Crossbow Stirrup
[DrStirrup Matri Crossbow Stirrup]


I have the entire kit on both of my Matrix (380 & 405) Xbows. Generally, I like clean and simple. Originally I put virtually every accessory on my Matrix xbows. But I slowly removed virtually all accessories, preferring lean and clean. Only the TT trigger and Optimizer remained. I somewhat reluctantly added the entire Dr Stirrup accessories. The cocking is easier by using my 2 legs verses my arms and shoulders, the built in stand which also can serve as a shooting rest, it's quietness verses the factory "tuning fork", the limb silencers help w/o speed loss, the cocking rope is such an improvement over the factory rope and , WOW, the string bumpers! They are so much quieter ; and, I expect, reduce limb stress considerably.
Gaston is a great engineer who has designed and produced a superior product.
As a pilot/mechanic, I believe that there are 2 types of light 2-4 place airplanes: those with Powerflow and those that need Powerflow. The same can be said for Excalibur Xbows: those that have Dr Stirrup accessories and those than need them.
Stephen White
Date Added: 08/18/2017 by Stephen W.

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