Have a few different bows and while I had looked at Mission bows in the past they didn't stand out to me. Then I saw this one. Looked like they might have something good so purchased one from David. Haven't had it very long but I really like this bow. It has some features like the decocking button that have to be tried to really appreciate. That feature alone is worth a lot! One feature is the compactness of this bow. Combined with a fairly light weight this one will be easy to pack in and very easy to use in a blind. While very compact it is nice to be able to adjust it to fit you. I am 6' 1" and lanky build and it was easy to adjust it to fit me and be comfortable to shoot. And shoot it does. Very smooth and quiet. The trigger might take some getting used to, but it is a great trigger! I see they have an accessory stirrup that you can add which in some cases might be nice as without it you do have to reach down quite a bit to use the rope cocker. I can do that so will probably pass on the stirrup. It does come with a soft case and if there is anything to dig on, it is very over sized for this bow. It does work ok, just way larger than it needs to be. It is slower than my other bows but not "slow" as it still hurls an arrow in the 330-340 fps range. I am using Black Eagle Executioners with 100 grain tips that weigh 339 grains. Have to agree with David that this bow seems to like a bit heavier arrow than the factory arrows. The BEs shoot very well. This thing really is a tack driver!
Date Added: 10/31/2017 by Eric V.

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