Excalibur Assassin STRATA Crossbow
[Excalibur STRATA Crossbow]


I purchased my Assassin two weeks ago and have shot 50 bolts through it. This is my first crossbow, after years of research. The bow is wicked fast and I was able to achieve one inch groups at 40 yards from a bench. The internal cocking mechanism is simple to use. It depends on a rope that frayed and broke after 50 bolts. The crossbow is currently at the Excalibur repair facility in Port Huron. The bow is quiet and after setting the scope at 360fps, it hit on the illuminated spots for 20, 30 and 40 yards as advertised. When it is returned from repair I am sure that it will group nicely at 50 yards. The pros for this bow are ease of use, internal cocking mechanism and anti-dry fire. The recurve limbs avoid issues with being out of time. It is quiet, deer are unlikely to jump the string under 40 yards. However, it is not as quiet as a compound vertical bow. It is slightly heavy, I suggest using shooting sticks.
Date Added: 03/29/2018 by mark n.