Hawke XB-30 PRO SR Scope
[Hawke XB-30 PRO SR]

Call for Price

Just upgraded from XB1, which a was fuzzy around the edges, to the XB-30 Pro. The XB30 Pro optics are very clear and bright and the reticle is easy to use - overall a plus my aging eyes.

It has aluminum snap caps, which are very tight fitting and hence are considered to be an upgrade. However, on the downside the tight fit means they can't be easily opened with a quick flick of the finger. I would actually prefer the basic slip-on rubber & plastic caps, but have not downgraded my rating of the scope because it is the optics and not the cap style that matter most to me.

As always Wyvern has good pricing, quick delivery, and helpful customer service.
Date Added: 07/05/2020 by Robert B.