EVO-X Marksman Elite Crossbow Scope
[EVO-X Marksman Elite Scope]


I have just completed a thorough test of 6 crossbow scopes and 3 rifle scopes . 2 of the rifle scopes were high level Zeiss scopes and 1 higher level Weaver scope.
I liked the simplicity of the EvoX range markings and loved the excellent lighting which does NOT wash out the view even in extremely low light.
The low light capability even exceeded the outstanding Zeiss Duralyt lighted 2x8 scope. Unbelievable!
Lighted range marks to 60 yards, and max marking to 80 yards.. The glass was clear and crisp to the edges. Very short eye relief , but this helps greatly in the all important very low light conditions. I see this short eye relief a plus on a crossbow scope.
For over a decade, I would not use a dedicated crossbow scope due to the vast differences compared to quality rifle scopes.
That has all changed now.
This is THE scope, if you want the very best.
Stephen White
Date Added: 07/25/2019 by Stephen W.