Wicked Ridge RDX 400 with ACUdraw Pro
[Wicked Ridge RDX 400]


Purchased in October 2019 and have been very happy. Solid, fast, accurate and easy to use. Great trigger. The Accudraw Pro is a great add-on for an aging body. I upgraded to a Hawke XB30 Pro scope (Tenpoint does not claim their scopes are fogproof/waterproof), and the heavier Tenpoint hunting arrows. Chronographed speed with the heavier arrows was 375 fps, which was as expected. These bows have quite a snap when fired and some of the screws are a bit loose after about 100 shots. This Spring I added the Universal Foot and Limb Silencing package to reduce vibration. The nock serving broke right where the knock seats on the string after about 150 shots. While that's annoying I can't say its enough to downgrade my rating given the overall value of the package. Planning to buy a Steady Eddy since I shoot from the ground a lot.
Date Added: 07/05/2020 by Robert B.

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