Ravin R29 Ready to Hunt Crossbow Package

william s.
Best crossbow on the market. Expensive but you get what you pay for.

Excalibur PRO-SHOT ACP Trigger

Gerard P.
Purchased the ACP trigger to replace my Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 330 trigger. In my opinion this is a must have upgrade which completely eliminated the sloppy OEM trigger creep. Shipped fast, installation was easy and took me less than 15 minutes to complete. Also this was one of the best prices I could find....

EVO-X Marksman Crossbow Scope

Stephen W.
I have just completed a thorough test of 6 crossbow scopes and 3 rifle scopes . 2 of the rifle scopes were high level Zeiss scopes and 1 higher level Weaver scope.
I liked the simplicity of the EvoX range markings and loved the excellent lighting which does NOT wash out the view even in extremely low light.
The low light capability even exceeded the outstanding Zeiss Duralyt lighted 2x8 scope. Unbelievable!
Lighted range marks to 60 yards, and max marking to 80 yards.. The glass was clear and crisp to the edges. Very short eye relief , but this helps greatly in the all important very low light conditions. I see this short eye relief a plus on a crossbow scope.
For over a decade, I would not use a dedicated crossbow scope due to the vast differences compared to quality rifle scopes.
That has all changed now.
This is THE scope, if you want the very best.
Stephen White...

Excalibur Micro Suppressor

John C.
Very impressed with the Excalibur Micro Suppressor. The crossbow is a very balanced and tight little package. It shot great out of the box. assembly was a piece of cake. Wyvern does a bang up job with their added touch adding the Hawke scope and other things. Their shipping was fast, had good communication, and the packaging was good to go. I am sold on Wyvern and will keep ordering from them as I need anything when the time comes....

Dragon Claw Arrows

Martin M.
These are some fine arrows. A free dozen came with the Nemesis pre order purchase I made and there were only 2 fliers out of the bunch. They are well balanced and very accurate. I am hitting same holes with these. Very stiff and well made carbon shafts. These arrows scream quality ! I highly recommend them !...

Scorpyd Nemesis 480 In Black Soft Touch

Martin M.
The Nemesis is a solid and well constructed crossbow. It's very light and very narrow. There's is almost zero recoil just a slight kick but you can't tell in which direction. It's very smooth at the shot. For being a l85 lbs draw weight I can still cock it with just the rope and sled cocker. It's very quiet except for when the arrow hits the target bag, there's a big boom. This thing has POWER !! IT IS FAST ! I'm using Wyvern creations arrows that weigh 425 gr and I'm getting blinding speeds with a ver flat trajectory with great accuracy. It hitting same holes no problem ! I feel very confident in my choice of purchasing the Scorpyd Nemesis that I have the best crossbow known to man. Completely satisfied with my purchase ! It's very well balanced. You going to have to experience this bow for yourself it is so fun to shoot. It leaves nothing left to be had in a world class bow, it's everything I ever wanted in a hunting weapon ! Thank you Scorpyd! Thank you Dave !