Ravin Crossbow Sling

John F.
This isnt a real sling. This is more of a Strap to carry your Ravin Xbow while walking. Its far too short even at full extension to be used while using the Xbow. Its nearly useless except that it has a cool Ravin Logo on it so when you are carrying your Xbow you look cool doing it...There are better options for a quarter of the price. I bought this not realizing it, so I am going to figure out a way to lengthen it so I can use it and look cool at the same time... I am sure the Deer will be impressed....

Excalibur Dead-Zone Crossbow Scope

James S.
For the price of this scope it's a deal and a half have this on my killer instinct 405 dead on out to 60 yard I let my nephew shoot my crossbow now his put one on his!!!!...

Black Eagle Zombie Slayer .001 Arrow Shafts

Jeffrey L.
Using Zombie Slayers cut to 18 inches with 110gr brass inserts, 100 grain Muzzy Trocars, Blazer vanes and flat aluminum nocks. I'm shooting these out of an Excalibur Bulldog 440. Zombie Slayers are giving me rifle like accuracy at 50 yards and my broadheads were striking only 2 inches below the field points which I corrected with a small adjustment to the scope. These shafts are shooting 1 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards. ...

Excalibur Micro MAG 340

paul w.
Had this for 2 deer seasons now. Needed a change from 40+ years of compounds, recurves, longbows.
This performs flawlessly. Dead accurate. Tough, and engineered with common sense. excalibur allows me to remain independent and do all bow maintenance myself and in an emergency a string change or brace height twist adjustment is a breeze. I really highly recommend this model and appreciate the recurve limb design that is so simple yet effective. This model shoots a Magnus stinger broad head exactly like a field point every time eliminating the need for mechanical broad heads if you wish to move to a fixed broad head design. Wyvern is, as usual, a pleasure to deal with and shipping was very fast. 5 stars for Excalibur and 5 stars for Wyvern....

Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope

Patrick C.
The scope really works well. Setup was very easy and I really liked how quickly it ranges. The glass is very good and you cannot beat the lifetime warranty Should be really nice for deer season this year....

Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope

Scope works exactly as designed very happy with how well and fast it ranges and sets a dot for the exact drop compensation. Should make for a great deer season this year.....