Viper S400 in Veil Alpine

Edward B.
this bow is everything they say, compact, easy to cock and de-cock, and deadly accurate. Shot from 20-50 and can not shoot the same bull or you will ruin a bolt. Had a first time whitetail hunt in Ky and it performed perfectly....

Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope

Patrick C.
The scope really works well. Setup was very easy and I really liked how quickly it ranges. The glass is very good and you cannot beat the lifetime warranty Should be really nice for deer season this year....

Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope

Scope works exactly as designed very happy with how well and fast it ranges and sets a dot for the exact drop compensation. Should make for a great deer season this year.....

Excalibur PRO-SHOT ACP Trigger

Paul S.
Bought the 360TD and I'm very happy with it. I wanted a smoother trigger so I decided to update to the pro-Shot.
The original fasteners were installed with blue Loctite and looking at the screw heads I knew I would strip them before removing them. I heated the correct size Allen wrench to glowing red and inserted it several times in the screw head to make sure of good heat transfer.
Caution: do not heat the Allen screws with a torch, use the above method. Much safer.

The screw removal was much easier and none were damaged.

Also want to mention the great customer service and response by Wyverncreations....

Dragon Claw .001 Arrow Shafts

These are Excellent shafts exactly the same as Black Eagle executioners but at a better price point you cant go wrong with Dragon Claws. My new goto arrows for sure. WC always shipped them to me the very next day cant ask for better service.. ...

Black Eagle Executioner .001 Arrow Shafts

Excellent product all were straighter then .001 and all are within 1/2 grain right from the box. Shipped extremely fast and well packaged. I will buy these from here again. ...