Shadow NXT

Joseph P.
I am so happy with this purchase. I am so happy I found Dave online and although it was painstaking to wait for Tenpoint to catch up to my order and get my Shadow to Wyvern. I am incredibly happy with my purchase and I am dying each day to get home and shoot. I'll tell you it also doesn't hurt to have all of the extras thrown in. I'm lucky to be situated so close to Wyvern Creations that it makes my crossbow needs easy to address form here on out. I love this Crossbow and can't wait to hit feathers this spring and some fur this fall!...

Excalibur Assassin Crossbow

mark n.
I purchased my Assassin two weeks ago and have shot 50 bolts through it. This is my first crossbow, after years of research. The bow is wicked fast and I was able to achieve one inch groups at 40 yards from a bench. The internal cocking mechanism is simple to use. It depends on a rope that frayed and broke after 50 bolts. The crossbow is currently at the Excalibur repair facility in Port Huron. The bow is quiet and after setting the scope at 360fps, it hit on the illuminated spots for 20, 30 and 40 yards as advertised. When it is returned from repair I am sure that it will group nicely at 50 yards. The pros for this bow are ease of use, internal cocking mechanism and anti-dry fire. The recurve limbs avoid issues with being out of time. It is quiet, deer are unlikely to jump the string under 40 yards. However, it is not as quiet as a compound vertical bow. It is slightly heavy, I suggest using shooting sticks....

Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400

Stephen W.
I own 4 Excaliburs: M380,M405(2), and a BD400. My favorite is the one I’m shooting. The newest BDs have a revised riser that should help reduce limb fractures to virtually zero. The BD400 has a gentleness compared to the Matrix series. It’s balance is very good. I’m very trigger sensitive but find no negatives with the trigger linkage as some have reported. Of the 4 Excaliburs I have, if I were to be dropped off in a remote area to hunt for 2 weeks, I’d take the BD400. Incidentally, I walk a mile thru dense forest to my bear stand ; and of course, a mile back out. The BD is the one I take with me.
To me, this is the current most desirable Excalibur .
Stephen White...

Excalibur Micro Kryptec Raid 335

Harrison P.
Excellent crossbow, super accurate, handles very well and speed is more than enough for any type of hunting done up to medium and large game. I wouldn't hesitate for one moment shooting even much larger game as well. The camp pattern looks so much nicer in person, can't describe it. I would take the Hawke XB1 SR scope upgrade, the Wyvern Creations package is complete and has everything you need to service and hunt right out of the box. Ditch the factory arrows and use Dave's custom arrows. They shoot like darts super accurate. Bow shoots very smoothly with suppressor kit on it. Think of this one as a micro suppressor 335. Smooth draw stroke I can shoot this all day!...

Excalibur 308 Short BANSHEE

Harrison P.
This Bow Rocks. It is so light, compact, accurate, smooth shooting, accurate, accurate did I say accurate? Thats because it has less recoil and a smooth trigger thanks to the shorter power stroke. David told me about this bow nd I gave it a shot to buy one for my dad. And it has quickly become my favorite! It is tons of fun to shoot and more than fast enough! Dont get caught up on the speed numbers guys it doesnt mean squat if you cant hold your bow steady for that accurate smooth shot since it is not front heavy at all. I can shoot the black out of a chipmunks eyes at 20 yds freestanding confidently. Cant say enough great things about this bow it is that good! Try one you will fall in love! ...

Stryker Katana 385 Crossbow With Stealth Package

Paul F.
I am 73 years old and this crossbow is light and easy to cock. Purchased October 2016 easy to zero in. Deadly accurate especially with Execution Bolts & Nap Spitfire Crossbow Heads.
Can not go wrong buying this crossbow....