Stephen W.
I’ve owned a Scorpyd Aculeus 460 / AccuDraw for nearly two years and approximately 1,300 shots. The AccuDraw has been trouble-free. I’ve used the AD Pro but prefer this original AccuDraw. I maintain the cord with string conditioner and it still looks great. This is a good product.
Steve White...

SpyderWeb ST18 XL

Vincent M.
My bow shoots at 440 FPS and this target stops arrows just fine, and the bolt is easy to pull out, and it will take thousands and thousands of shots before this target is worn out....

SpyderWeb ST18 XL

Vincent M.
This target is the best I have ever had. My Xbow shoots 440FPS and even at 20 yards you can easily pull the bolts out, without using any arrow lube type products. Wyvern staff recommended this product to me, and I am very happy with their customer service, and knowledge of their products. I will be back....

NAP Killzone Crossbow Broaheads

Mark H.
I’ve used mechanical broadheads from other manufacturers and they all have massive entry exit holes and a short blood trail that ends at a dead deer. What impresses me most about the Killzone is that it’s been the only mechanical broadhead that I’ve been able to reuse without having to replace the blades-twice! It flies as accurate as a target point, crushed both front legs with a double-lung/ heart shot pass through. The third deer was another pass through the chest and hit a rock which bent a blade. It’s true that the blades hold together in the quiver unlike other mechanicals that don’t have a rubber band or other ring to hold the blades. I shoot these with my Tenpoint Stealth NXT and feel confident that these will penetrate/shatter any bone that gets between it and the exit hole!...

Custom Premium Excalibur Arrows

Marvin T.
I am shooting the 18" dragon claw that David put in my bow package. They shoot straight and really nice groups at 40 yards. I have my bow dialed in with these arrows and ordered 2 dozen more. I learned a lot about the honesty and integrity of David has as my order over charged me and David promptly refunded my PayPal I did not catch the over charge at the time I made my purchase but David did hats off to him and his fine business....

Hawke XB1 1.5-5 X 32 SR Scope

Robert B.
I bought this for my Wicked Ridge because I wanted a reasonably priced nitrogen-filled fogproof/waterproof scope. Of the Ten Point scopes only the Evo-X Marksman Ten Point scope is nitrogen filled, the other Ten Point scopes supplied with the base crossbow packages or at upgrades are not. I checked with Ten Point about that to be sure.

The scope is not very clear on the outer 1/3, but for deer hunting at crossbow ranges I really don't notice that at all. Light gathering capability is excellent. On a cloudy day under heavy tree cover 15 minutes after sunset the image is noticeably brighter than what I can see with my naked eye. Some folks on other review forums have complained about the lighted reticle washing out the image. That is true at low light with the brighter rheostat settings, but turning down the rheostat as the light dims takes care of the problem. I get a bit a flare with the green at the lowest rheostat setting, but switching to red takes care of that. Overall an excellent $100 upgrade for my RDX 400....