Excalibur Micro Assassin 400TD

lazaro c.
Awesome crossbow, after a few months of ownership I am happy with my purchase. I took my first turkey with it and now getting ready for deer season. I took off the SDS pieces and installed air brakes and dr stirrup bumpers, at 400g I averaged 363 fps. Carrying the 400 Assassin around gets heavy fast so get a quality sling for those long walks in. I find that 480g bare shaft tuning flies the best, 337 fps, before fletching....

Wicked Ridge Soft Crossbow Case

Richard B.
This is an awesome case for the money it's shoulder strip makes carrying ur crossbow a breeze, and ur bow is well protected....

Dragon Claw Arrow for TenPoint

Patrick C.
I have tried other custom arrows and these grouped within an inch at 60 yards. Very impressed with these arrows. ...

SKB Hard Case TenPoint Crossbows

Vincent M.
This is a Top quality case. Fits my new TP Vapor RS 470 extremely well, the interior is molded to fit my Xbow exactly. The quiver fits snugly into the top of the case, and there is room for more gear in the top wells, and in the bow compartment as well. The outside of the case is waterproof and dust tight and the hinges are molded in for added protection. I really enjoy the trigger release latch system as it’s so easy to work with. One of the nicest features of the case is, it’s in-line skate style wheels for easy transport, they comes in handy especially if you travel. This is a great buy, that you won’t regret, and its adds resale value to your investment.


Wicked Ridge RDX 400 with ACUdraw

Robert B.
Purchased in October 2019 and have been very happy. Solid, fast, accurate and easy to use. Great trigger. The Accudraw Pro is a great add-on for an aging body. I upgraded to a Hawke XB30 Pro scope (Tenpoint does not claim their scopes are fogproof/waterproof), and the heavier Tenpoint hunting arrows. Chronographed speed with the heavier arrows was 375 fps, which was as expected. These bows have quite a snap when fired and some of the screws are a bit loose after about 100 shots. This Spring I added the Universal Foot and Limb Silencing package to reduce vibration. The nock serving broke right where the knock seats on the string after about 150 shots. While that's annoying I can't say its enough to downgrade my rating given the overall value of the package. Planning to buy a Steady Eddy since I shoot from the ground a lot....

Hawke XB-30 PRO SR Scope

Robert B.
Just upgraded from XB1, which a was fuzzy around the edges, to the XB-30 Pro. The XB30 Pro optics are very clear and bright and the reticle is easy to use - overall a plus my aging eyes.

It has aluminum snap caps, which are very tight fitting and hence are considered to be an upgrade. However, on the downside the tight fit means they can't be easily opened with a quick flick of the finger. I would actually prefer the basic slip-on rubber & plastic caps, but have not downgraded my rating of the scope because it is the optics and not the cap style that matter most to me.

As always Wyvern has good pricing, quick delivery, and helpful customer service....