Custom Premium Excalibur Arrows

Corey B.
I have several Excalibur crossbows. I prefer to use a fixed blade head and these arrows are perfect for that. I have shot targets at over 50 yards with excellent accuracy. Price is great too....

Wyvernized SUB-1 XR Package

Gerald F.
Hawke XB30 is a sweet scope and easy to dial in. The Dragon Claw bolts fly true and are accurate. Shoots about 385 fps with the heavier arrow and penetrates a little deeper than the Mission 19" Bolts. The trigger is smooth allowing you to hit a US quarter at 40 yards. I suggest you purchase a good tripod to shoot this precision crossbow and recommend the DeathGrip Tripod from BOG. The upgraded scope, extra bolts', and NAP broad heads make this a better value than the others sites I've looked at. I do wish they put in a good camo cap in with the box of goodies. The Wyvern Creations logo is cool and could be added to a camo hat design. Shipping was done by Fedex and arrived in 4 days of order....

Vapor RS 470 in Veil Alpine

George C.
The TenPoint Vapor RS 470 stands head and shoulders above the competition, in both shooting performance and safety features.
Cocking and uncocking is far superior to other systems on the market right now.
Chronograph readings are as advertised using the supplied arrows.
Coupled with Wyvern's fantastic package deals and Customer Service that is second to none, as TenPoint would say, "This changes everything".
Five Stars all around.
Thank you David and the entire Wyvern Team.

Vapor RS 470 in Veil Alpine

Vincent M.
The Vapor is an incredible Xbow. Well worth the price. The ACUslide system is so easy to use, and safe. This bow is unbelievably fast, quiet, and accurate. Shooting 1 inch bullseyes at 50 yards consistently. Wyvern customer service is super, and their Xbow packages are the best in the industry. Wouldn't do business with anyone else....


Stephen W.
I’ve owned a Scorpyd Aculeus 460 / AccuDraw for nearly two years and approximately 1,300 shots. The AccuDraw has been trouble-free. I’ve used the AD Pro but prefer this original AccuDraw. I maintain the cord with string conditioner and it still looks great. This is a good product.
Steve White...

SpyderWeb ST18 HD XL

Vincent M.
My bow shoots at 440 FPS and this target stops arrows just fine, and the bolt is easy to pull out, and it will take thousands and thousands of shots before this target is worn out....