Airburst MegaBoom Supersonic Target Systems


Airburst MegaBOOM STS (Supersonic Target Systems)

MegaBOOM STS is a pressurizing device that allows you to pump air (you supply the air source – bicycle floor pump, compressor or dive tank) into ordinary, everyday, plastic soft drink or water bottles. The pressure inside the plastic bottle, when released by the impact of a projectile (arrow, bullet or pellet), causes the bottle to rip at a supersonic speed, resulting in a small sonic boom (up to 150 dB) that can be heard for up to three-quarters of a mile.

MegaBOOM STS is designed specifically to use common 1 or 2 Liter recyclable soda pop/water bottles. Just raid your recycling to get more targets. You can also buy a separate adapter that allows you to use 500 mL water bottles (adapter sold separately).

Step 1:
Screw empty plastic bottle into threaded bottle receiver on the top of the MegaBOOM STS until snug against O-ring.
Step 2:
Attach tire pump (not included) to the air valve on the bottom of the MegaBOOM STS.
Step 3:
Place MegaBOOM STS into Ballistic Bag and pump until a minimum of 105 PSI is attained. Remove bag and stand up. Pressurized bottle target is ready to shoot.

Add a small amount of corn starch or flour to the bottle for added visual effect. MegaBOOM STS can be easily cleaned. Dishwasher safe.

◦Ballistic Safety Bag

Audio output may exceed 150 decibels. Wear hearing & eye protection durning pressurization and shooting. Stay 15 ft. clear of target when shooting.

  • Model: MegaBoom Supersonic Target Syste

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